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Monday, January 19, 2009

The Wave of Social Online Marketing

Red Robin's brand mystique is an unusual one. If one visits, the brand has already picked up 231 tags, most of which are positive. I thought I would meander over to Wiki and search Red Robin. Wiki delivers a wonderful and clear snapshot of Red Robin’s operations. Let’s follow up with a back door reality check and search Google. Uh-Oh … Red Robin’s Wiki page is not even in the first two pages of Google search.

Your first thought may be that Red Robin has positioned their corporate web site within Google as the number one and number two search results and subsequently someone is doing an excellent job for RR with search engine optimization (SEO). <<<<
Stop and think about how much more effective and insightful (as a brand) the Wiki format and content are to the online traveler than the corporate website.

Next week, we challenge twitter to see if they can pull off geo based Twitter messages from Red Robin for a special burger and record the tests.
If you have time, read "Scientific Advertising" by Claude Hopkins - 1866 - 1932.


Brian Lem said...


Your blog has been helpful to show how Red Robin has positioned itself online. The restaurant chain seems to have a loyal fan club. However, the blog is mostly observations with little emotion, passion or persuasion. My expectation is to include why you really like or dislike Red Robin, be it the food, the atmosphere, uniqueness (such as the bottomless fries), company stock performance or charities to which it contributes.


JD Holzgrefe said...

Thank you for the input. I'm approaching all brands (we'll have many in review) with an emotional dispatch. I'll be critiquing each brand's ability (or inability) to leverage online social media or at least recognize its’ existence.


lm9r said...

JD -
I like how you're following the online conversations about RR and I agree that user generated content is often much more interesting than the content from corporate.
I was a bit confused, is RR doing a geo twitter test?

JD Holzgrefe said...

laura, I submitted the idea to Red Robin and we will see if they attempt it.