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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Google gets on the Social Network Train

I was espousing to a friend how Microsoft could finally release control of a portion of their marketing after reading a terrific information sheet by Buzzlogic ( ) entitled "Influence is Golden". With the advent of Windows 7 purportedly hurling Microsoft back into the "good" side after the Vista OS debacle, now is their chance to stop, look around and start interacting with their audience.

Just as certain as the sun rising, Google beats Microsoft to the punch ... at least to a specific technology jab. Google has launched Latitude which is a service that enables a mobile user to broad cast their exact GPS location to selected friends. Try it for FREE - Where's Fred? Aha - at Murphy’s having a cold one. Someone needs to wake up Microsoft or they'll spend another $21 billion on Yahoo for some very old tech and a neat arcade system.

With regard to the article by Buzzlogic that turned my flashlight on, I sent the CEO, Todd Parsons, a linkedin invitation and he responded within one day. Great people, great ideas and so much promise ahead. This is not your father's web.

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