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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Korean Online Social Networking - a model

The dominate social networking site in South Korea is Cyworld. This site is very interesting in model, offers a very easy interface to join and transactional in nature. You obtain acorns that act as currency. I grabbed a hefty 45 acorns by logging in and a first time gift. Each time you add a "friend", you receive twenty acorns.
The site is set up to give daily reads on members that include location, mood, schedule, select chat groups and much, much more. You can build your own apartment and basically set up a "second life" world with acorns. This is a full bells and whistles social networking site that surpasses any site I have visited.

The statistics are amazing. Way back in 9/05, the site was turning $100 million in revenue and currently, 15 million people out of 47 million South Koreans are using the site. Yes, that's almost 1/3 of the total population of South Korea. Simply amazing! This post will be short as I have cross-posted with my new Cyworld account and hopefully will gain a few comments from the South Korean users of Cyworld and why they like the experience.

JD Holzgrefe

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