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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Pump up Your Volume

You’ve pulled the curtain back from your first blog and the theatre is packed, right? So how do you make that happen? How do I attract visitors and get to the elusive first Google page? How does an hour a day sound?
Let’s get you started, because the process begins here – and as I said, you’ve got sixty minutes a day, so I'll try to speak quickly. Reciprocal blog imprinting is one of the most effective strategies to expand your audience, boost Google rankings, and link your website with every available mechanism on the internet. The goal of a reciprocal imprinting program is to turn up the volume or obtain “online amplification” from other blogs/sites/online newsletters/twitters/tazers, etc. that are linking to your blog.
The Top Eight Strategies for Effective Reciprocal Blog Imprinting Program.
1. Build a Blog – Building a blog and posting your relevant content is a great way to build blog followers. Okay, you already know that. The concept that's not apparent is that people may want slices or individual articles from your blog. An example is an article from this blog, a link from a web site in Portugal and two YouTube videos from New Zealand and the new manager in Cairo was able to gain funding from an investment group in Dover, Delaware. Here we have almost fifteen people reading content and your blog's address is listed. We can refer to this as viral content submission, which I’ll talk about a bit later, your blog can attract a lot of new visitors that may become your own blog followers.
2. Forum Amps – Forums are great places to determine and locate your special audience members or perhaps your best evangelists, providing target customers, enhancement critics (never take anything too personally) and much more. By interacting, these "cats" allow you to reach a “guru status” provided you take the time to answer questions carefully given your input is qualified. Put an amp to your blog by installing a blog redirect in your signature and with every new post you present an opportunity to enhance your online amplification.
3. Blog Critiquing – Here's a technique that top online amp specialists commonly swear by. Find blogs that interest you, and post comments concerning the authors content. The majority of blogs have a white cloud that allow you to put in your comments and ... your blog URL – that will become an online amp attached to your comment. So make your comments relevant and interesting and you’ll suddenly have a network of blogs with links to your blog.
4. Online Social Networking – Delicious, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, they are all social networks that can provide you with online amplification and followers. Start an account with each and learn how each can be used for you (one day, the pathways to each will converge) – and don’t forget to post links to your blog in all of your profiles.
5. (For Corporate Bloggers) Press Releases – Press releases gain exposure and are actually easier now to provide then ten years ago. Publish press releases regularly about your brand or any interesting industry news you think you can draw readers with. Embed your blog links in the body and enjoy online amplification. Google will index the press release.
6. Asking – It’s as simple as asking sometimes. Find blogs you like and ask for a link back to your blog, possibly in exchange for a link on your blog to theirs. It’s a numbers campaign and if five or ten reciprocate, then your time "gardening” was well spent.
7. Directory Submissions – Submit your blog URL in all directories. There are many services and sites built around link submissions or url submissions – and they are an email address away. Be prepared for additional spam but that's the way of the web.
8. Expert Submissions – Write, polish, edit, re-read and re-write until you can present an article to a lead blogger (hint - a blogger in your area of the market.) See if he/she will publish and gain trust ability. Ensure that you have your blog address mentioned and look for instant online amplification.
Now go spend your five hours amplifying your blog this week.
JD Holzgrefe


Aji said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


JD Holzgrefe said...

Well Aji thank you and if you like, please become a follower of my blog.