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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tangibility not fog

How do you define success? Who owns your brand? How will you leverage the interactive web? These are all questions that (according to Forrester Research) 90% of IT marketing managers are wrestling with. These are valid questions and it's becoming more and more difficult to determine answers with the myriad of options available.
Let's try to shine a flashlight on two areas; measurability and the set up process. If you pull anything out of this post, remember to ask yourself if your social network asset creates the feeling of "I want to come back." This cause mantra for your target audience has been repeated in almost every online social networking strategy book and blog that I have read. It’s a litmus test so employ it and gain input from your peers

Remember that the mission of my blog is to assist IT marketing managers locate resources so that they can fully understand social networking and use it with authority. Here are two excellent articles on formulating successful social networking plans.

Kevin Barenblat and the gurus at Context Optional (building a social network)

Michael Berkley and the gurus at Splashcast Media (measuring your return on investment)

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