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Monday, March 16, 2009

Free and Simple Proven Methods to Grow Your Blog
Growing your blog traffic doesn’t happen overnight and occurs only with a careful plan. Patience is a virtue so give yourself three months or six months before you expect to see a return on your time investment. With the tremendous selection of terrific blogs out there, you need to be patient and dedicate time on your blog. Here are three tricks which can help you grow your company's blog. You can work on these at launch time or add them into your existing blog efforts.

1. Content is an Oligopoly yet Practice Makes Perfect
Build your blog, add four or five posts and make sure that you have the communication tools in place. Specifically, enable a DIGG, Delilous or Technorati (all if you can) tag so readers can tag you with these services. This will improve your search ranking. Make sure that you have an RSS feeder built in near the top. The readers that follow you are your evangelists and represent one of your best components for marketing.

2. Do I Post Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Daily?
What is the second most important part of a blog after content? The answer is frequency of posting. Put yourself in the shoes of your readers. When they return they expect two things; new content and feedback on their comments. Determine your posting and response frequency and stick to this. Daily massaging may be impossible for you yet that is acceptable. Stick with a routine and your readers will grow accustomed to it.

3. Utilize the Other Social Media Platforms
You’ll hear me preach this in almost every blog entry. Interact with friends and creations of like by commenting and ensure that your blog is part of your signature.
What’s a signature? The end of your comment. To give you an example, mine would be JD Holzgrefe, Blog Consultant - This is viral marketing at its best. The more you practice this word of mouth viral advertising, the more exposure your blog will receive. Some people will delete your comments but do not take this personally. Simply move on and continue the process.
So let us review the three best practices; Content, Establishing a Frequency of Posting and Utilization of Other Social Media
JD Holzgrefe


JB said...

Great suggestions JD. They make a lot of sense and cover key questions of first time bloggers like myself. I particularly liked your last suggestion regarding promoting your brand.
JB –

S C BENKE said...

JD, Another great blog. I really find your info to be easy to understand and impliment for someone new to the discussion.

Again, I will be sending my students to your blog to discuss.

Great blog.

jmugibbles said...

I need the most help with #2. Since my blog is about running, I got seriously unmotivated after a knee injury derailed my training. I felt like I didn't have anything to "report" anymore! But, I can still update my blog with running articles, best equipment lists, etc in the meantime while I heal.

Thanks for the 3 quick tips! Very helpful.