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Saturday, March 7, 2009

growing your blog


If you are a blog parent, it’s very likely that you are not leveraging the full brunt of search engine traffic that is available. Audience development by Twitter is in second place. For now, let's take a look at three SEO tips to help you grow your blog.

It takes time and most bloggers believe building a blog and adding a few posts is enough. The lack of a specific and targeted search engine optimization plan is one reason many blog parents stop trying to make money with affiliate programs and simply give up. Actually blog parents either want to give out beneficial content or they attempt to make money through the banner ads appearing on their blog hence the constant need for a larger audience or in blogspeak – followers.
Let’s try to boil down search engine optimization to three few simple tips for every article you post and so you can take advantage of free (yes … free) internet seo traffic.
The big first tip is to ensure that each of your post links are SEO optimized. With a blog platform like blogspot this is already done. If you’re a WordPress customer, then you’ll want to go into options and set your permalinks so that your blog creates search engine optimized url’s when you write a post.
Specifically, go to the Permalinks tab, and click the button next to custom field. Next you’ll put a percentage sign followed by the words postname. Right after the words postname, put another percentage sign. Now all your blog post will have maximized SEO urls.
The best tip to optimizing your blog is to put your main keyword in the title. Think long and hard about the selection of your keyword and you can change it. Let’s say you’re writing about losing weight, then use these keywords in the title of your blog and your blog post. What you don’t want to do is put unrelated keywords in your blog’s title. The clutter will diminish the Google, Yahoo, Ask bots (see earlier posts) ability to categorize your blog and content and each respective post. If your blog is Poodle Manicure and you name your poodle manicure blog, then you’ll rank higher than if you name it something totally unrelated.
The next step is to optimize each post’s title or tag. If you’re trying to get people to click on your post about using Ped Egg to trim a poodle’s claws, then your post title should have those specific keywords in it. Avoid terms such as filing dog nails, cuticle canine repair, etc. – be specific. The lack of tag clarity prevents each search engine bot from determining what your post contains and correctly categorizing it, so you can forget about getting free traffic. If you’re using Adsense which populates your blog with banner advertising and allows for potential revenue, this is a very important tip to get targeted traffic for high paying keywords.
These three basic tips will separate your blog from 90% of other blogs on the net and there are millions. By making this time investment in optimization, the search engines will rank your blog higher and that is the key to success.

JD Holzgrefe

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