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Monday, March 23, 2009

Social Networking - Jump in and Swim

The majority of marketing managers, whether in information technology, training and certification or for that matter, any other business, would agree that the primary platform to their company’s performance and success is based on relationships with their customers. Strong customer relationships that include known preferences, open communication, interaction, creative criticsms, product feedback and needs lead to future transactions and referrals. That is paramount in business. An existing customer is much easier to maintain and cultivate than locating a new customer.
The popularity of social network channels is changing how marketing managers should treat the internet as well as their customers. Marketing managers now have a chance to receive expeditious and invaluable feedback from their most trusted customers. This is real time customer speak given without pressure or premium and that is a tremendous edge over the competition. If you listen closely enough, you can determine your competition’s weakest points and leverage that information in your marketing efforts along with arming your sales force.
Through mechanisms like Twitter, DIGG, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., marketing managers can work on customer relationships and product enhancements in the most efficient ways ever presented. What’s keeping so many marketing managers on the sidelines and out of a potential windfall from such a distinct competitive edge? Two basic reasons affect the conversion rate. The first is the executive management reluctance factor. The C level management layer doesn’t see the merit. The second is the fear of technology or specifically, what platform(s) should be used.
Perhaps the best cure for executive management reluctance is citing examples of the competition utilizing social media for marketshare gain. There is little that compares to deploying the “fear factor.” Be ready to support your cure with a clear set of goals and objectives that will be obtained yet be conservative. Most social networking programs start on a granular level.
The fear of technology is actually the fear of failure and part of human nature. Let’s use swimming as an analogy to propose a solution … jump in. First, remind yourself that failure is going to happen with construction of social networking platforms. What you do next is vital to success. You, as a marketing manager, need to listen and watch what your peers are using and doing. Tools such has Technorati, Google blog search and Wiki Space search will greatly assist you with the learning curve. At the same time, work on your purpose and objectives so that they are tangible.
The right social network platform(s) is for long term goals. They take time, care and proper maintenance. New technologies like social networks have not changed the basic concepts of a successful marketing. They have given us the ability to improve our relationships.
JD Holzgrefe


Tessa said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Marketing Consultant said...

It's definitely tough to decide whether to jump into the social networking game. It's time consuming and hard to gauge the ROI. There are Social Networking Platform and software that can help improve those analytics.

Great post JD!!!

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