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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Facebook to Grow your Blog

Working with Facebook to Populate your Blog
With more than 150 million people actively using Facebook, carving out a 36.03% marketshare of all social network vehicles and most importantly, showing a gain of 23% of new creators/critics and commentators aged 35 and over,Facebook is a force to be leveraged* *

Using Facebook to promote
About two months ago, after entering a social networking class, I took the plunge and signed up for Facebook. In that time, it has been great to catch up with over fifty people that I see occasionally at trade shows or on business trips. The people (connections) via Facebook seem endless, and there’s no doubt that once Facebook gets a total strategy together, they will be able to leverage their population with geographical and mobile advertising campaigns. Currently, I am amazed by the entrepreneurial efforts that are flooding Facebook by individual users – business owners.I have received e-mails with open houses, a marketing “how to” newsletter, and the Richmond, Virginia advertising ad club Spring meeting. These entrepreneurs were looking to expand their network by searching location and personal interests, and sending out emails based on it.

This is where Facebook comes in handy, simply post what you’re doing with your blog address (everytime) and utilize the email side of Facebook and you are using yet another social media platform to grow your blog. Yes, some might view the Facebook email as an annoyance but the effort will help grow your blog’s following over time.

PS: Keep your Facebook profile very basic and simple and ensure that your blog address is clickable and highly visible.

JD Holzgrefe

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VBgobbler said...

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