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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Twenty-Two Ways to Grow Your Blog

Amping Up Your Blog!
You can find a forum (or message board) on just about any subject you can think of. Search for ‘[whatever] forum’ and see what comes up.
I have recently joined the Yahoo Ask forum which is one of the world's largest answer forums. This forum has millions of users. It’s really helpful and motivating reading the different question and answer threads. There’s the chance to see how other people do things, and the ability to network with Hundreds of Thousands of people in your specific category. When you start to post, add your blog's URL (web address) to your post's signature, where you can place links to your blog or any other site you would like to send traffic to. Every time you comment, answer or post a new questions, your blog's address is added and people can easily click through to your blog, giving you more exposure. So the more questions and replies you make the more traffic you may be able to generate. The potential of forums is undeniable.
I was going to add another list here of forums, but I’ll let you explore on your own!

Here are Twenty-Two ways to grow your blog's audience.
1. Interact with other large audience bloggers and cross post extensively with relevant blogs
2. (BIG) Embrace the interaction of Web 2.0. Read blogs in your niche and post comments with URL of your blog.
3. Write solid content on a regular basis. Your followers will become accustomed to your posting cycle.
4. (BIG) Set an email alert for comments posted on your blog entries and respond to the comments in rapid fashion.
5. Use ping to inform search engines and aggregators like Technorati and Blogsearch (Google)about new content on your blog.
6. Increase your blog's interactivity with polls.
7. Be cognizent of your subject and occassionally take a different tack then other blogers.
8. Leave trackbacks with the big blog aggegators.
9. Try to build a community around your blog's central concept or mission statement.
10. Try to use translation plugins to attract readers from other countries.
11. Continually ask yourself "what is my blog's mission statement?"
12. Be active on forums in your niche and add your blog's link in your email signature
13. Join communities that fall into your main category (Linkedin - Facebook -
14. Develop the conversation around your posts thus creating a main direction to your content.
15. Include your blog's address in all marketing collateral such as business cards, flyers, brochures, web site, etc.
16. Submit your articles in social bookmarking sites like Digg and Delicious.
17. Submit your blog posts to blog carnivals within your category (
18. Submit reviews of your blog posts to newsgroups.
19. Write articles and submit them in blog article directories.
20. Join MySpace, Linkedin and Myspace then search and join select groups that relate to your blog's main purpose.
21. Utilize Yahoo! Answers and also
22. Check to see if you can establish a wiki page for your blog (
Good luck,
JD Holzgrefe

Monday, May 25, 2009

You work so hard, but as months roll by, your number of RSS subscribers can still be counted on two hands. It’s depressing, and it can make you consider dropping your blog efforts. Don’t become discouraged; there are many things you can do to increase your blog subscribers.
It Starts with the RSS Feed you install…
I'm stating the obvious but I will say it again. You can’t expect anyone to subscribe to your blog if they don’t know how or have a chance to install your blog into their browser RSS feeds. This is why you need an RSS widget asking people to subscribe to your blog.
Again ... Content is King
One of the top reasons people do not subscribe to blogs is that the focus is too general. If your blog readers don’t know what to expect from you on a regular basis, they won’t follow your blog. Simple as that! That’s why it’s so important to stay close to one subject and generate content that focuses on that mission. By focusing on one particular niche, your audience will be highly targeted and you’ll gain authority in your field.
Don’t Forget about Regular Blog Maintenance

You are at a point of a specific niche with respect to your content and the content is quality. Now, you need to focus on the regular management of your blog. Keeping up with the little things will help you attract and keep blog subscribers. I am not talking about constant changes, template colors variances or new fonts. I am referring to the bane of web 2.0. Respond to your comments, create a regular pattern for posting so that your readers will know what to expect and keep things clean.
Now, get out there and start growing your blog followers! Stick to your mission/niche, and eventually your blog will begin to grow.

JD Holzgrefe

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Growing Your Blog

When I read a blog, I try to imagine what the blogger could have done to make me sign up and become a follower. If you keep track of stats outside of unique followers and have found that you are pulling in many visitors but have persistent low follower conversion numbers, we need to have a chat or just keep reading.
Let's say that you got lucky and had a visitor traffic spike caused by a temporary increase in search engine rankings or a link from a large site or you somehow landed on DIGG's or Delicious' main page or perhaps an "internet burp" where hundreds of blogs suddenly linked to you (we lost count after six million blogs.) All of these terrific events were probably due to a stellar blog post that you created and it took off into cyberspace. Take a bow.
So with all these first time visitors coming into your blog, how can you convert them into followers and "cement" the relationship? Let's start with:
Content is the undisputed king and writing quality content that can engage readers is the most effective method to convert these visitors into regular followers of your blog. It is also the hardest method to achieve. One tactical trick is to write a series of posts to convert visitors. In short, if a visitor / reader likes part one, they will return for part two and three. Just be sure that you are vocal in having visitors sign up to become followers and put that "plug" directly in your post.

Funky a.k.a. Unique
Roll out some of that George Clinton funk when first designing and then develop regular content that evokes the readers thought process. I am not condoning change to page layouts, wild swings in color templates or sudden departures from your blog's mission statement. This will actually drive visitors away and erode your follower base in rapid fashion.

Try implementing unique things on your blogs. This could include implementing widgets that centralize feeds to content from other blogs, heavy linking or Twitter or DIGG extensions that propel your blog into a visitor's media dashboard. Remember ... stay true to your mission statement and for those few precious minutes, your follower will extract useful information and perhaps even leave a comment.

Your tone of writing is paramount. People have a certain disdain for being "talked at" or even worse, talked down upon. The successful blogger simply needs to connect with his or hers audience ... nothing more and nothing less. Perhaps the most important part of this element is the fact that we are blogging in a Web 2.0 world. This means interaction and not static media. If you have comments from visitors, answer them and get your groundswell moving.

The Twilight Zone a.k.a. the Unexpected
Keep your audience on their toes by using a fresh and electric routine. This could be the graphics on each blog post. I have had a few people that like my visuals and attempt to make the connection with each specific blog post. Yes, there is a visual to text connection on this blog and secondly it's hard to decipher. Methods and ideas that create excitement along with strong relevant content will convert visitors into followers.

Lather, Wash and Repeat a.k.a. Functionality
Is your blog easy to use? Does your blog offer more than a few blog posts? Does your blog look like a vanilla ice cream cone? Are you expeditiously responsive to comments left on your blog? Out of the six million plus blogs, 90% are entirely too stoic. The Mount Rushmores of purpose, mindset, industry enhancement and expert opinion ... yawn. If your content is hard to read, it is very unlikely that visitors will return. Incorporate several widgets such as an RSS feed, twitter micro or email poke and make it easy for them. Making things usable and easier on the visitor will improve your conversion rate.

JD Holzgrefe

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Growing your blog traffic

Using Keywords in the Metatag role
When you begin a new post, ensure that you are using popular keywords to assist in successful searches that deliver traffic. Keywords are phrase of interest such as "Obama, Blog, New Age, Swine Flue, etc. These keywords allow the automated bots from Google, Ask and Yahoo to pick up your blog and deliver it to interested parties. If they like the content, then you will achieve a new follower.
Ping the search websites with your blog
A few sites, including ZingFast, Weblogs and Yahoo's blogs afford a registered user pinging services. When you register for a pinging service, these sites will send out a ping to their auto bots to inform other pinging sites every time your blog is updated. Viewers who happen to be visiting any other site with pinging services will see your new content (new blog post) flash across their screens.
Blog Bookmarking
This is a very important step to build your blog traffic. Just create profiles at multiple social bookmarking sites such as or DIGG. Use these sites and add links to your blog as well as content snips from your blog to your DIGG profile increases your visibility among the site's readership. Folks that are interest will will click on your link and visit your site.
Using Technorati
Technorati is the "Google" search of Blogs. It offers users a concise means to locate subject material or proper context within the millions of active blogs around the world.
Indexing your blog with Technorati offers multiple advantages. This includes the opportunity to add your brand or blog's visual imprint to Technorati, where gains visiblilty to millions of viewers who visit this popular site daily. As a side benefit, you can receive updated Technorati link counts to indicate your blog's traffic patterns.
Using Feedburner
The top RSS (really simply syndication) service is FeedBurner. Feedburner helps you promote your blog's content along with building and measuring your audience. Both of these metrics are essential to your blog marketing strategy. They allow you to measure, coordinate and see the traffic impacts of new tools and tricks that you are using. It also make it very easy for a user to add your blog directly to the internet browser such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Firefox.
Blog Linking
Make sure that you link your blog through posts, signatures or comments to relevant blogs and sites that are similar to your blog. Remember that the web world is not always reciprocal so don't expect others to link back to you. The moral to this trick is to not take anything personally as there are millions of blogs. You have to become a "trusted source." Once you become a resource, you won't have to worry about getting backlinks—they'll come naturally.
Have fun and email me with any questions.
JD Holzgrefe

Sunday, May 3, 2009

More Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic

Built a brand new blog? It's hard as hell to riase your blog traffic level past friends and family. You need to leverage a myriad of online tools such as metagtags, Google search optimization, registration on DIGG, Technorati and Delicious, StumbleUpon, Twitter, Alexa, etc. Let's review a few online web sites that will improve your blog's visibility.

The basics include providing comments with your blog's link by using linkbacks from existing high traffic blogs, registration at the popular social networking "hub" sites and fresh content. Remember that it's all about having a larger reader base, more exposure, bigger affiliate payouts, more money, more affliate advertising revenue and in some cases even free gadgets for reviews.

1. Register with Technorati. This is a sure fire way to increase your Technorati Authority, linkbacks, and traffic to your blog. The goal is to bring your blog up the ranks from 2,300,000 to the top one hundred. Reaching the top one hundred will increase your reader base, traffic significantly and add a significant air of importance to your blog.
2. Build your Alexa Rank. The importance of increasing your Alexa rank means more opportunities for you and your blog. Most advertisers and ad networks use Alexa rank to determine your popularity and the weight of links from your site to theirs. This is a sure way to increase your online income. Use the Alexa widget and enhance your Alexa ranking.
=After installing this widget some bloggers and site owners witnessed their Alexa ranking increase 30-40% within a few weeks. Another surefire way to increase your Alexa Ranking is to download the Alexa Toolbar Alexa uses this toolbar to collect browsing data from visitors who use the toolbar and uses this information to calculate your Alexa ranking.
3. Submit quality articles linking back to your blog via social network sites such as StumbleUpon, and Digg. Certain blog companies like blogger (used here) allow you to grab a "one and all" widget which contains the link icons from twenty or more of the world's largest bookmark web sites (digg, delicious, etc.)
4. Install the standard RSS widget as the tool it was designed to be: an easy way to create return visitors to your blog. I wanted to mention this method because it is simply an obvious way to get users back to your blog. When you own a blog, you want to not only be able to get loads of traffic, but you want your users to like your content enough to come back over and over again. This is the magic of RSS feeds. They allow your users to have an easy method to see when you are updating your content, and it gives them the opportunity to check out your latest articles any time you add a new RSS feed item to your blog. Use the nature of RSS to promote your blog and add some traffic by getting your users to subscribe and generate hits every day to your website!
EXTRA. Join interesting contests and get more involved in the blog communities. Try these methods to boost your blog traffic and see what results you get. Let me know how effective you find this information and or any methods that you have used that i can add to this post, you will get a linkback for your new additions.
JD Holzgrefe