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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Growing your blog traffic

Using Keywords in the Metatag role
When you begin a new post, ensure that you are using popular keywords to assist in successful searches that deliver traffic. Keywords are phrase of interest such as "Obama, Blog, New Age, Swine Flue, etc. These keywords allow the automated bots from Google, Ask and Yahoo to pick up your blog and deliver it to interested parties. If they like the content, then you will achieve a new follower.
Ping the search websites with your blog
A few sites, including ZingFast, Weblogs and Yahoo's blogs afford a registered user pinging services. When you register for a pinging service, these sites will send out a ping to their auto bots to inform other pinging sites every time your blog is updated. Viewers who happen to be visiting any other site with pinging services will see your new content (new blog post) flash across their screens.
Blog Bookmarking
This is a very important step to build your blog traffic. Just create profiles at multiple social bookmarking sites such as or DIGG. Use these sites and add links to your blog as well as content snips from your blog to your DIGG profile increases your visibility among the site's readership. Folks that are interest will will click on your link and visit your site.
Using Technorati
Technorati is the "Google" search of Blogs. It offers users a concise means to locate subject material or proper context within the millions of active blogs around the world.
Indexing your blog with Technorati offers multiple advantages. This includes the opportunity to add your brand or blog's visual imprint to Technorati, where gains visiblilty to millions of viewers who visit this popular site daily. As a side benefit, you can receive updated Technorati link counts to indicate your blog's traffic patterns.
Using Feedburner
The top RSS (really simply syndication) service is FeedBurner. Feedburner helps you promote your blog's content along with building and measuring your audience. Both of these metrics are essential to your blog marketing strategy. They allow you to measure, coordinate and see the traffic impacts of new tools and tricks that you are using. It also make it very easy for a user to add your blog directly to the internet browser such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Firefox.
Blog Linking
Make sure that you link your blog through posts, signatures or comments to relevant blogs and sites that are similar to your blog. Remember that the web world is not always reciprocal so don't expect others to link back to you. The moral to this trick is to not take anything personally as there are millions of blogs. You have to become a "trusted source." Once you become a resource, you won't have to worry about getting backlinks—they'll come naturally.
Have fun and email me with any questions.
JD Holzgrefe

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