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Monday, May 25, 2009

You work so hard, but as months roll by, your number of RSS subscribers can still be counted on two hands. It’s depressing, and it can make you consider dropping your blog efforts. Don’t become discouraged; there are many things you can do to increase your blog subscribers.
It Starts with the RSS Feed you install…
I'm stating the obvious but I will say it again. You can’t expect anyone to subscribe to your blog if they don’t know how or have a chance to install your blog into their browser RSS feeds. This is why you need an RSS widget asking people to subscribe to your blog.
Again ... Content is King
One of the top reasons people do not subscribe to blogs is that the focus is too general. If your blog readers don’t know what to expect from you on a regular basis, they won’t follow your blog. Simple as that! That’s why it’s so important to stay close to one subject and generate content that focuses on that mission. By focusing on one particular niche, your audience will be highly targeted and you’ll gain authority in your field.
Don’t Forget about Regular Blog Maintenance

You are at a point of a specific niche with respect to your content and the content is quality. Now, you need to focus on the regular management of your blog. Keeping up with the little things will help you attract and keep blog subscribers. I am not talking about constant changes, template colors variances or new fonts. I am referring to the bane of web 2.0. Respond to your comments, create a regular pattern for posting so that your readers will know what to expect and keep things clean.
Now, get out there and start growing your blog followers! Stick to your mission/niche, and eventually your blog will begin to grow.

JD Holzgrefe

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