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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Growing Your Blog

Perhaps the top attribute of blogging is the ability for a blogger to go back and look at what they were focused on at a certain point of time. Sometimes a blogger forgets about their posts and after checking Google keyword referrals, they notice some older posts that someone found on a search engine and visited their blog. This process begins to show the blogger key word or title relevancy.
It's cool to be reminded of your own thoughts by another person. One of my recent posts about "growing your blog" has drawn some attention and I receive about fifty weekly visits from Google search to that particular post. There I outlined ten basic ways that you can help grow your blog and improve your website rankings. After reading it over again, I decided to follow up with a post on five additional ways on increasing blog and traffic rankings.
1. Categorization
Perhaps you already have categories on your blog, which is a great step. Again, categorizing is selecting a subject (mine is "growing your blog" and adding those blog descriptive terms to Google, Yahoo, and Technorati. A word of caution: double categorizing your posts dilutes your blog's path to attract bots in a specific area via search due to algorithms. Okay, what the hell is a bot? A bot is a software application that runs automated tasks over the net ... such as searching. So pick one category that is best suited.

2. Cross Linking or Trackbacks
When you read someone else’s blog and like the content don’t feel shy to link their post as that will leave a trackback on their site. Make sure that you have your blog's web address in your posting signature. If it’s a popular blog then chances are that the blog owner and the visitors of that blog will follow through and visit your blog.
3. Concentrate
Create Good Titles – When you write a post title make sure that it makes sense to you, is concise and popular within the context of your blog's main subject. Search engines are intelligent due to the aforementioned "secret" algorithms. Search bot mannerisms like to match a search query with blog post titles. With tens of millions of searches being performed daily, there is ample opportunity that someone will type in a phrase that will relate to your blog post title.

4. Frequency of Posting
If you post one post a day then make sure you write one post a day, everyday. I use a weekly posting frequency. The point is to develop a regular pattern that your readers and followers will understand and expect. My weekly posting doesn't really do my blog any favors with respect to being picked up by RSS feeds (see my other posts.) Don’t leave one day or two week's of postings out because it’s the weekend. You will aggravate your flock.

5 Email Updates
Email is still the dominate platform when it comes to gaining a reader's or follower's attention. Just open your blog's preferences and enable the email alert selection and your followers will receive an update with each new post provided the special widget appears. I happen to be a strong proponent of RSS feed alerts but I live in the technology media world.

So there you have it and I hope these tips help you.
Good Luck,
JD Holzgrefe

Sunday, June 14, 2009

No Post today - A memorial for Chris Clifton

A sad day.

Sunday, June 7, 2009