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Friday, December 3, 2010

Two Parts Twitter and One Part Blog?

Twitter is like blogging except that it is condensed. Rather than comments, linkbacks and "likes", we locate new people to follow through @_____ replies. If someone replies to me with an interesting comment, I am likely to follow them. Individuals who would otherwise obtain zero notoriety in blog space have found attention far more efficiently through Twitter. This is where we can insert your company’s blog and step on the gas pedal using Twitter.

Now for your business's blog, the old rule of uniform branding applies. Let's review that rule. Every item that is client forward-facing including; business cards, trade show handouts, signature tags in emails, company web site, Linkedin profiles and posts, blog entries, etc. need to contain a link to your blog's home page. Get a rubber stamp if necessary but apply that fingerprint to every piece of marketing collateral in your arsenal.

The power of Tweet is even more pronounced for your blog when you get noticed by the Twitter elite or super popular Tweeters. As in the blog world where an A-List link can enrich your blog’s audience count, this happens much more often on Twitter.. Tweets are fast and it's not hard to fire off a 140 character message to lead people to your blog. You could tackle this process three times a day - the key is content and relevancy. The right Tweet exchange with a heavyweight Tweetser can drive thousands of potential visitors to your company's blog with very little effort. And be mindful of netiquette which means that you give this special Tweeter the same help they gave you. One example is the “reciprocal follow” where they follow you and you start following them.

Have we reached the demise of the blog feed?
No. The successful blogger uses multiple social media tools to build their base. Additionally, there is much to be said for the blog. Think of the depth and detail just in this post that would not be possible in 140 characters. Tweets provide the marketing manager the ability to send out a well thought out sentence on a relevant subject and the inclusion of the blog URL. With that said, blogs will have to provide much more value than links, quips, aggregate content (see my Rainmaker Media LinkedIn group) and trivialities. Your blog content needs to be up to date, educational and thought provoking. The key here is to have three or four times the content on hand against what you actually post. Also, do a little reading from your peer bloggers to gain inspiration on topics. Example of topic selection; MySpace was relevant in 2008 and now it's just about passé.
Build, refine, be consistent and reach out for your company blog.