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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Cranking Up Your Twitter Followers

Seven Ways to Crank Up Your Twitter Followers:

1. (and by a country mile) Understand how to retweet first
Twitter is simply a micro blogging service. Meaning that you can write short updates of 140 characters maximum called "tweets" and send them out to your followers or contacts.

Retweet on the other hand means that When someone re-tweets you, they are giving you the highest compliment you can get on Twitter by sharing your post or what you said with their own followers or contacts.

Now take the action of retweeting by explaining to your followers what retweeting is (see above.) Encourage your followers to retweet your links to your blog posts. Retweeting pushes your @username into brand new social media conversations, resulting in clicks back to your profile. Make sure that you track your retweets using retweetist. This will help you grab data so that you can hone your efforts based on popularity and volume (frequency of posts.)

2. Make sure that you have filled out your profile with extensive information. Your latest tweets and @replies don’t mean much to people who are not following you or have potentially similar common interested (customers.) Your biography is the only place that can inform people about who you are, your common interests and about your goals. Also, your bio is automatically displayed on Twitter’s suggested users page. If you leave your profile blank along with the other sixty-five percent of Twitters users, you do not encourage people to add you.

3. As @VPtweet says, “link it up.” Put numerous links on your Twitter profile and then add even more. Link your profile to your LinkedIn, Facebook, Digg, Delicious, blog, email signature, and everywhere else you frequent online. Also, review the popular feedburner badges from TwitterCounter for your blog.

4. Tweet about your company's main goals and solutions and #hash tag them. Quality content coupled with a simple process to locate never fails. If others enjoy your content, they will add you and also tell friends or peers.

5. Bring your twitter account into the physical world. Every time I consult, speak on a panel, present slides, or hand out business cards, I figure out a way to broadcast or display my twitter account. Did I mention that you need that twitter address on every piece of collatoral such as business cards, email signatures and web postings?

6. Use photgraphs or line drawings. Pictures are worth a thousand words ... even more in Tweet world and they are heavily retweeted. For mobile pics use iPhone apps such as Tweetie or Twitterific, both which support on the fly uploading and are very simple.

7. Make sure that you track your final results. Applications like TwitterCounter will show you how many new users you’re adding per day and Qwitter will email you when someone unfollows you after a tweet. Analyze the data and hone your efforts based on the results.

Good luck and happy Tweet hunting!

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