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Monday, January 17, 2011

Growing That Blog of Yours

Let's review six ways to ensure that your blog is "easy on the eyes." Remember that if you have visitors, don't chase them away with horrific content or even worse, bad grammar. Perhaps an ideal posting model is four to five paragraphs. That’s fairly short so spend your time on content and proof reading.

Rule #1 Relevant Good Content

To many bloggers, content is the top goal. Viewers may chose to ignore less than stellar art, templates and blog layouts if your blog delivers high quality posts with strong content. Your posts needs to be concise, correct and thought provoking. Take some time to gather the facts to support your posts and more time to double check your points.

Rule #2 Style and the Good Looking Suit
One's good style of writing comes with practice, practice and the acceptance of creative criticism. An old college professor said to write what you read. The books you enjoy contain a specific style that you can emulate. If you strive to enhance your writing style, results will come with time.

Rule #3 A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
Note the odd pictures that I deploy throughout my blog. They match up with the particular post and, in themselves, can cause one to take a minute to review. If you use a picture related to your post, you're bound to catch the eye of a visitor and perhaps transform them into a blog follower. Graphics are powerful yet can be easily overused. Do not go overboard.

Rule #4 Interact
A successful blogger always responds to comments and this is mandatory. If you provide and encourage interaction, you will make viewers return, possibly convert many and those people will bring friends. Avoid writing a post and not reviewing the previous three or four posts to moderate comments. Blogger and Word Press both have great comment tools to assist you with interaction.

Rule #5 Please Review your Work

Have ya evver ceen thiss? Well now, never hurry yourself when creating a post. One trick to employ after you have finished your post is to hit control A, then control C and paste your post into an Outlook email. You’ll have a new look as well as various spell/grammar tools to avoid mistakes. Another trick is to take a break and come back to review your post one more time before posting. If you post too quickly, mistakes arre bownd 2 happin.

Rule #6 Practice Good English
The use of good English is mandatory for publicizing. People will never take you seriously if your writing is deficient. You're building credibility every time you pick up a pen ... or bang on a keyboard. I keep a thesaurus handy to assist in spicing things up and remember to avoid particular word repetition.
Happy Blogging

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