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Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Tip of The Hat to B2B Publishers

My contention is that paid publishing does not work. Publishers that took their legacy paid business model and expected revenue streams to be “simply” amplified through mobile devices were again, proven wrong.

I consult frequently and the core area of refinement for B2B publishers is that the home site must offer a much higher level of peer to peer integration or failure is certain. Interaction with the readers and providing a branded media platform for readers to interact with each other must be the primary goal. From circulation and reader retention all the way over to advertising and new online media refinement, the reinvention of the main web site is paramount.

The astute publisher will expand their offerings through live feeds, mobile frames and strongly encourage editors to provide a steady diet of social media exposure. This includes forums (technical), blogs (current events) and tweets (breaking news) which are all tethers to a living, breathing web site site. No reader wants to leave a lively forum of like minded individuals to endure a stale column of content … not today … not tomorrow.

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